Renting of Club Room

RENTING OF: CLUB ROOM Policy for Borger and Fritch

The Commissioners Court of Hutchinson County established the following rules and guidelines for the use of the Club Room.

I. General Guidelines

  • a. The Club Room is a facility provided by Hutchinson County for the benefit of nonprofit organized groups whose goals are informational, educational, cultural, civic, and service related as well as for the benefit of county residents for social gatherings.
  • b. A refundable cleaning/damage deposit of one hundred dollars ($100.00) is due when the key is picked up for the Club Room. If the Club Room is left clean, damage free, and furniture left in its original condition and location then the deposit will be returned to the user after an inspection is completed the next day the library is open. The library staff has sole discretion in making these decisions although an immediate appeal, prior to correction of the problem, can be made to the county commissioner assigned to the club room.
  • c. Use of the Club Room does not constitute a county endorsement of the viewpoints expressed by users of the Club Room. No advertising or implication of such endorsement will be permitted.
  • d. The deposit for the use of the Club Room can only be waived by the Hutchinson County Commissioners’ Court.
  • e. If the deposit is not picked up by the user within 4 weeks after it is released (following an event) it will be forfeited by the user and will be deposited to the Hutchinson County Library.
  • f. The panic bar on the exterior door must be locked in the “open” position (using the hex key) to utilize the automatic handicapped accessible door opener. Failure to do so could result in damage to the automatic door motor. Damage to the door motor could result in forfeiture of the user’s deposit. The automatic door opener must be turned off after the event when the door is locked again. (Borger facility only.)

II. Rules For Use

  • a. Reservations and key pick up for the Club Room must be completed with library staff during library hours.
  • b. Reservations will be made on a first come, first served basis.
  • c. Applications must include the name of the organization using the facility (if applicable) as well as the name, address, and phone number of the responsible party (must be 18 years of age or older).
  • d. The individual or designee listed on the application as the person responsible will be the only individual who can pick up the key and will be held responsible for any damages that may result from the use of the Club Room facilities.
  • e. Any activities/events for a minor (person under 18 years of age) must be arranged for and supervised by the responsible adult listed on the application.
  • f. Make sure enough time is reserved to set up before and clean up after the event as this must be done within the reserved amount of time.
  • g. Permission for use of the Club Room may be denied to any individual or group that has previously damaged the Club Room unless restitution has been made to cover the damage done to the facility.
  • h. Permission for use of the Club Room may be denied to any individual or group that has previously violated any condition stated in this agreement.
  • i. Keys must be returned in person to library staff when a function is completed during business hours. Keys may be left in the book drop on the north side of the building when a function is completed after hours (Borger facility only). Loss or damage of a key may result in loss of deposit.
  • j. Notice of cancellations should be made as soon as possible in order to maximize the use of the Club Room and keep it available to the community.
  • k. Use of food and drink are privileges and at the discretion of the group and person listed as responsible on the application. Please note that the possibility of damage to the facility and its assets increase dramatically due to their use. Damage is cause for forfeiture of the deposit and the possible loss of future permission to use the Club Room for the individual or group.
  • l. The Club Room must be left as it is found.
  • m. All cleaning supplies such as towels, dish soap, etc. must be furnished by the user. However, a broom, dust pan, dust mop, wet mop, mop bucket, and a hand-held bucket will be provided.
  • n. Hutchinson County is not responsible for any personal property left in the facility.
  • o. Report all problems (dirty room, missing furniture, damage, etc.) immediately to the library staff.

III. Restrictions

  • a. The Club Room may not be reserved for commercial groups for purposes such as training, gatherings for financial gain, political fund raisers, etc.
  • b. Non-profit organizations meeting on a repeating basis cannot reserve the Club Room more than twice per month (exceptions may be granted by the county commissioner assigned to the Club Room) thereby preventing monopolization of the facility by any one group.
  • c. Reservations made by one party are not transferable to another group.
  • d. In accordance with fire codes attendance at meetings/events must be limited to capacity allowed by fire code and open aisles must be maintained to provide clear access to exits.
  • e. No admission charges, collections (except for regular club dues), or any other money-raising activities will be allowed for any meeting held in the Club Room. Exceptions may be granted by the county commissioner assigned to the Club Room.
  • f. NO TOBACCO product use is permitted inside or within 20 feet of the entrance of the Club Room.
  • g. NO ALCOHOL consumption or possession is permitted on the library/Club Room property.
  • h. No group activities that require more than normal wear and tear on the Club Room are permitted (example: classes or projects that require painting or staining materials).
  • i. Use of tacks, staples, tape, etc. on the walls or window coverings will not be allowed. Users are required to leave no marks.

IV. Serving Of Food

  • a. Simple refreshments (examples: coffee, cookies, etc.) may be served in the Club Room.
  • b. NO COOKING may be done in the Club Room. This includes the use of griddles, grills, hot plates, etc.
  • c. Catered meals or covered dish meals may not be served in the Club Room unless approved by the county commissioner assigned to the Club Room.
  • d. No items may be left or stored in the kitchen.